About Dr. Elaine Reedy

Meet Dr. Elaine Reedy

Dr, Elaine Reedy is a Health Psychologist/Coach, Licensed Heart Math Coach, Naturopath, Energy Frequency Clinician, Herbalist/Formulator, and Hypnotherapist. She has over 40 years of experience in holistic interventions.

She is the owner of Dr. Reddy's Behavioral Health and Wellness, Vitramend, LLC and creator of Body Reboot. For 13 years she has been in partnership with Dr. Tommie Richardson, MD. Dr. Richardson specializes in the treatment of addiction and innovative medicine.

Collectively, they developed the DISSH/Farmer's Diet. The mission of the DISHH/Farmer's Diet is to bring about more awareness on the link between diet, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Dr. Reedy and Richardson are the  formulators of DA-REl, an alternative to treating depression and anxiety. 

Dr. Elaine Reedy is located at:
1543 Lilburn Stone Mountain Road
Suite 100
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087
Monday through Wednesday
First and third Saturday of the month
By Appointment Only

Our Mission

My mission is to help people learn how to adopt healthy behaviors that manage stress, reduce the risk of disease, and speed recovery from illness.

Why Vitramend?

Manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), FDA regulation, NON GMO and formulated and bottled in the USA.